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kabhi ishq ho to pata chale Novel pdf Download Free

 Kabhi Ishq Ho to Pata Chale by Nayab Jilani Download Urdu 


Kabhi Ishq ho to Pata Chale Novel 

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Kabhi Ishq ho to Pata Chale Novel Pdf is written by Syeda Nayab Jilani. In this story, the author talks about the sacrifices and pains that are part of love. He taught patience and struggled with lovers. He described the beauty of relationships, which provide happiness in life.

Nayab Jilani is a female Urdu storyteller and romance novelist. In his long writing career, he wrote many favorite stories for Urdu monthly magazines. He has a unique style of writing, which is very impressive.

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Kabhi Ishq ho to Pata Chale novel pdf

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Kabhi Ishq ho to Pata Chale novel free download

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