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Ibne Battuta Ke Mulk by Aizaz Baqir Pdf 


Ibne Battuta Ke Mulk Urdu Novel Download

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Ibne Battuta Ke Mulk Pdf Download is written by Aizaz Baqir. This is the best Urdu translation of an English text which contains some articles by different writers. Aizaz Baqir spoke about the different parts of the world and the changes taking place in it after a long time. He mentions the time of Ibn Battuta which he wrote in his travelogue. He likened the situation in the world to recent changes. Hope you like the Ibne Battuta Ke Mulk novel and share it with your friends and family as soon as possible.

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Ibne Battuta Ke Mulk Urdu pdf download

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Ibne Battuta Ke Mulk Download Read Online

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