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Mout Ke Sodagar Complete Novel Pdf Download Read Online

 Mout Ke sodagar complete novel by Aqleem Aleem Download 


Maut ke saudagar full novel free download

About the Novel and Author:

Mout Ke sodagar complete novel pdf is written by Aqleem Aleem. It is a popular serial war novel that has been published in Suspense Digest for many years. The main theme of the book is the conspiracy of smugglers and other agencies against Pakistan.

Aqleem Aleem is a leading Pakistani journalist and novelist. In his professional career, he wrote some of the best-selling novels for Urdu readers. His books are full of suspense and action. Readers appreciate his books and look forward to new writings. This story is considered the masterpiece of Aqeel Aleem.

Mout Ke Sodagar is a story of the war between two groups. Danny, a patriotic young man, fought against the international drug mafia. There was widespread support for drug mafias such as the CIA, Jews, Mossad, etc. The young man also has the support of some individuals and a Pakistani special intelligence agency.

A man named  Awwal Khan represented the secret service. He used all the available options to help Danny. Danny's American girlfriend, Veera, was also part of the game. The war lasted for many years all over the world. They used every tactic to win the war against the criminals. At the end of the story, patriotism won and evil fought the war.

Mout Ke sodagar complete novel pdf

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Mout Ke sodagar complete novel Pdf

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Maut ke saudagar novel free download pdf

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