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Jang e German Novel Pdf Download

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Jang e German by Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui Pdf.He is a renowned scholar, historian, and novelist. He made history the special subject of his novels.

The book Jang e German Novel contains a history of German wars. The author puts the facts of these disputes on paper. These wars were fought between Germany and the Ottoman empires and lasted for more than two hundred years. These wars weakened both countries economically and socially.

Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui presented the text in the form of a story. He provided scientific and historical information to the readers through a story. The plot of the story is very interesting and the result is a tragedy, but the author did not ignore the historical facts.

The author said that the purpose of writing this book is to make the youth aware of history. Muslims should know about their colorful past and plan for the future after analyzing the present. The book is useful for history students.

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Jang e German Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui Pdf

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